Roasting hot Florence carves up Skeggs to help himself to Minches

The Minches with Master Carver Bijay (left) and some turkey

THE Toby Carvery in Worcester Park was the setting for a celebratory roast dinner after Oliver Florence took the final Minches of the season.

Master Carver Bijay was delighted to see the famous trophy visit the restaurant and congratulated Florence on his victory before serving him a plate of turkey and beef with a Yorkshire pudding.

Florence then helped himself to the array of delicious freshly-cooked vegetables, all for just £5.75 (Monday to Friday, seated before 7pm).

Earlier in the evening, the new Minches holder proved hotter than horseradish sauce as he comprehensively outplayed Skeggs to take two rounds at New Malden and clinch the final match of the season 3-1.

It is the second year running that he has won the last contest before the winter break – avoiding a season-long whitewash at the hands of his adversary.

An out-of-sorts Skeggs narrowly lost the first round following two aces in the cave from Florence.

Florence with the Minches outside the Toby Carvery

He then completely lost his touch and fell to defeat in the final round by around ten strokes – suffering in the process what Florence described as the worst shot he had ever seen him play, a horrific second shot on the eighth.

“It’s bitterly disappointing to lose the most important Minches of the year,” said Skeggs. “Luck was definitely not on my side, but even if it had been Ollie would still have won.

“He had two very solid rounds and, having aced the volcano, deserved the glory. I will be firing on all cylinders come April to win the trophy back though.”

Champion Florence added: “Finally winning the Minches again is a huge weight off my mind.

“Wins this year have been less common than my blogs so I’m ecstatically happy to have seized the trophy for the winter and had a little celebration in my head. Now hopefully I can start concentrating on writing again.”

Skeggs on his way to defeat by Pragnell

Skeggs’ poor run of form continued last Sunday, when he finished 20th in the Kent Open – a tournament which was well won by Seth Thomas.

And there was double embarrassment for Gentle Touch when, having confidently predicted that beating Alex Pragnell was ‘a given’, he lost out to the outspoken Bexhill-based man by one shot.

Pragnell may however be forced in to a rethink of his minigolf philosophy, with Skeggs scoring twos on 40 holes compared with a haul of just 34 for Perfect Par.

8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by alex pragnell on November 19, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    everyone thinks im an easy target in minigolf very interesting. im improving all the time just you people wait and see


  2. Posted by alex pragnell on November 19, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    my minigolf is coming along nicely at the moment especially considering its only my 1st season and finishing as british no47 when i start to compete with the top players and win titles will people still think im rubbish and automatically expect to beat me every time i wonder


  3. Posted by alex pragnell on November 19, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    and talking about my minigolf philosophy my nickname is perfect par because my second putts can often be quite amazing but it does not mean that because my name is perfect par that im going to get pars every hole although it would be nice i still make errors like everyone else although it would be nice to be perfect as the name suggests and it does not mean that because my name is perfect par im not going to bother trying for aces that would be pointless in most cases unless i was leading a tournament heading in to the final round by 10-15 shots then i could afford to play safe and go for pars to avoid nerves creating silly errors to let people back in the race


  4. Posted by minigolfollie on November 19, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    Rich was very cocky saying that, wasn’t he Alex? You certainly gave him a minigolf lesson.


  5. Sounds like a nail-biting finale to the Minches. Glad you felt it was worth a blog


  6. I’d forgotten how good Ollie Florry’s Blogs were. Good work.

    You deserve another little celebration in your head after writing this.


    • Posted by minigolfollie on November 21, 2011 at 1:49 pm

      Thank you Squire Richard of Surleigh. It’s comments like that that make it all worthwhile. More blog posts to follow shortly!


  7. Missed the exchanges here, Keep up the good work Praggers. And keep up the quality blogs Ollie. Quality over quantity.


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